5 Things Car Drivers Should Know About HGV Drivers

If you’ve never had the chance to drive a HGV, you can’t imagine how it feels like trying to control monster of a vehicle. Many people complain about HGV drivers without having any idea about the challenges these professionals have to face in their work. This article will take a closer look at the five things HGV drivers wished other motorists knew.

Manoeuvring a HGV Is a Difficult Task

Although this statement is obvious to many, the average UK driver still complains about HGV drivers blocking the traffic with their manoeuvres. We can understand your feelings. Despite rigorous training from professional training providers, such as HG Driver Training Centre, an 18-metre vehicle weighing up to 40 tonnes isn’t easy to control, especially as visibility is extremely limited around tight corners. Experienced drivers can do such manoeuvres faster than beginners. Nonetheless, even the better drivers may require a few minutes to be able to move their trailer safely. We would appreciate your patience, as you can rest assured we want to get out of the way just as much as you would like us to.

HGVs Need Longer Braking Times Than Regular Cars

This is yet another obvious fact most car drivers seem to ignore when they are driving in front of or behind a HGV. You may be able to stop your car quickly, but you have to keep in mind that we need about three or five times that distance to stop our trailer safely. When you drive in front of us and you don’t pay attention to the road, your sudden braking will cause us serious trouble, as we may not be able to stop before crashing into you. Please, the next time you are around us, make sure you avoid sudden brakes by paying attention to all events on the road. Similarly, be patient when you are behind us and as we approach intersections or roundabouts where we have to slow down.

Our Maximum Speed Is Regulated

You may have noticed the tiny signs on the back of our vehicles that say ‘speed regulated at 70’. This means that we can’t go faster than 70 miles an hour because of electronic speed limitations. This is the reason why most often than not, we sit in the far-left hand lane of a motorway. It’s surprising how many people get frustrated when driving behind an HGV. Please don’t take it personally, we simply can’t go faster, even if we wanted to.

We Have Limited Field of Vision

Lorries and other large vehicles are too high to enable the driver to see everything around. HGV drivers need to be extremely careful at all times in order to avoid disasters on the road. Nonetheless, pedestrians and car drivers should also make sure they are visible and try to stay out of the way of HGVs with limited visibility.

None of Us Owns the Road

The average UK driver profile made in 2007 has shown a high level of frustration generated by non-commercial drivers who seem to have a problem in understanding that the road belongs to everyone. The same survey revealed that the average UK road user has less patience or care with HGV drivers than with other road users. You can rest assured we don’t have anything against anybody else, and we are only trying to do our job.


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