How Much Is Car Key Replacement in San Diego?


How Much Is Car Key Replacement in San Diego?
The cost of replacing your car keys in San Diego depends on where you get the duplication done. You can get the car key replaced at a hardware store for a very low cost, but the work is likely to be sub-par as hardware store employees do not have much experience with car keys replacement.
It is always better to get the car keys duplicated by a San Diego locksmith. Many automotive locksmiths in San Diego provide a key cutting service, where they offer to create a spare car key for you for a fraction of the cost of what it would take to get the same work done by the local dealership.
The cost of car key replacement in San Diego will depend on the type of car key and the car model. The cost of duplicating new car keys is generally higher than that of replacing old car keys. Electronic chip based keys or transponder keys, for example, would cost more to replace or reprogram.
The method used for the duplication also plays an important role in this.  Locksmiths make use of a car key duplicator machine. The best key cutting services use highly sophisticated machines which are capable of performing highly precise and complex work and hence cost more.
So how much does the car key replacement in  San Diego really cost? Now, if you get the key duplicated at a local hard ware store, it would cost you less than $2 per key, but hardware stores are capable of duplicating only the most basic keys. Very few people get their car keys replaced by them.
Getting your car keys replaced by a San Diego locksmith will depend on the type of the key. If you want only a basic key to be cut, that would cost you between $10-$30 (on average) per key. Locksmiths have a range of key blanks for car owners to choose from.
Now, if you want a transponder key to be duplicated, it would cost you a lot more as these keys come with a transponder chip. So this can cost you $120-$300 or more.
Getting the car key replaced at a dealership would cost you upwards of $400. Another issue with car dealerships is that they make you wait at least a week or two before providing you with the keys, as they first need permission from the manufacturer to go ahead with the process.
The prices mentioned here do not take into consideration the additional services provided by the San Diego locksmith. For example, the locksmith could charge you more for newer versions of car keys that make use of transponder chops.
The task of programming the transponder chips is a complex one and cannot be done by just about anyone – only an experienced and highly skilled locksmith is capable of replacing your transponder keys.
So, naturally, this would cost you more. How much? The transponder key programming can cost $80 to $175 and higher depending on the make and model.
So there you have it. Now you know more about car key replacement services in San Diego. With a little research and some time you will be an expert consumer in this industry.

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