Powerful Ways to Make Money from Adsense

Adsense is one of the most discussed hot topics around the world of internet. Well, Adsense is in fact a service provided by Google in order to monetize your blog or website. What it does is that it displays ads given by Google adword users on your website or blog and whenever that ad gets clicked by a person on your website, the Google adword user by whom the ad was requested to display pays a specific amount to Google for that click. And then 80% of the amount earned by Google is given to the Website from which it got the click.

Enough of the explanation now; let us get back to our today’s topic. So to begin with it, let me tell you guys this thing first that making money online from a website is not an easy job. It is not as if you make your free website today and put the Adsense ads tomorrow and boom! – Here are your dollars. In fact, Google does not accept a website for its Adsense program if it is younger than 6 months and has a really low number of daily traffic. Therefore, Adsense is a tool to monetize only a successful blog or website with healthy content.

However, there are many other ways to monetize your blog as well but Google Adsense is the most reliable. It displays ads which are related to your niche so that the visitor is persuaded automatically to click it. And in addition to this there are some other ways to persuade visitors to click on your ads as well. And by this, you can surely boost your Adsense earnings. Here are a few scoops you should keep in mind  to Make Money from Adsense

Avoid Using Top Banners

Yes! Remember people, do not use top banners. Visitors never pay even a single heed to the top banner ads. This is mainly due to the fact because they just want go ahead and check out the content given below – just take a look at yourself, what you do when ever you visit a website. As far as I am concerned, I instantly scroll down to take a look at the article, image or anything I am looking for.

Put Your Ads In Between Your Articles and Blend Them in It

This is one of the best techniques to gain attention of a visitor towards your ad. Whenever the visitor is reading in article, he gets deeply involved into the text and my click your ads which come in between the text while thinking it as a part of the text.

Put ads Adjacent to Images

It is a fact that people get attracted to images the most. Therefore if you place your ad adjacent to an image, there is a really high probability that the visitor will click on your advertisement.

Put Yourself in the Place of the Visitor

Putting yourself in the place of a visitor will get you the most perfect ideas regarding the placement of your ads. This will in fact let you realize all your mistakes and all the cons of your ad optimization.

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