Basic Facebook Marketing – Invite People to Become Facebook Page Fans


Online business has become a trend nowadays; people who used to run their business by pure labor are now transferring their business’s to online platforms such as websites and other promotion related platforms. There are many ways to build up your business online; in fact the quality of services or products is not the only thing which can attract people. The good and efficient use of online marketing techniques is one of the most fruitful tools which can be used to promote your business online. Just take an example of the latest budget Android Nook tablets, they grew with constant rapidity in the online market not due to their quality and price; in fact, there are many other better Android tablets present in the online market as well which have the same price tag but the only factor in which they lacked was the marketing factor – they must have contacted plethora of famous tech blogs to write about their tablets and must have used social media as a major weapon to promote them and make the people think that Nook tablets are really a bunch of trendy budget Android tablets these days.

So enough of the ado now; let us now acquaint you guys to our today’s online marketing related topic. Facebook fan page service is one of the most commonly used platform to promote online business, as a matter of fact, I don’t know why but people really do pay a healthy heed to all the Facebook fan pages which lie under their interests (or perhaps not). But the thing is that how do you start up with it. Well of course, you first need to target at your audience patently and get a vigorous number of likes on your fan page so that your posts gets some attention.

Why to Invite People First?

What most of the people mostly do is that they copy paste the URL of their fan page on every other post from other competitive Facebook pages, but trust me guys, this is total stupidity, it is like requesting your enemy to say a few good words about you to any third person. And trust me guys, no one pays any attention to this type of promotion. So without any wasting your time, here is the first thing you should do; you should invite people via email to join your Facebook fan page. And then afterwards after getting a few likes, you can use Facebook advertisements to promote your page or any other valid method.

Inviting people via email to join your Facebook page is not a die-hard task. First you need to create your personal contact file and save it to your desktop to any other reliable location on your hard disk (try not to add your friends to much). Then after doing this, open the admin panel of your page from the side menu and make sure that you are acting as yourpagename, now click on the Build Audience button and then go to Invite Email contacts. Now over here do not select invite friends; select invite email contacts; now browse your contact file and then send invitation to them. And there you will have it; invitation emails will now be send to all the contacts mentioned in your personal file.

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