Monument Valley


Video games are the hardest type of computer software to develop. One needs a lot of skills if he wants to pursue a career in the field of video game development. This field has a lot of interesting things for you if you are serious about it nba 2k15 apk free. You can either choose a programming field in it or graphics designing field.

The field is too much interesting. Although the video game market is a tough nut to crack but it is not impossible at all. You should try to break in the market if you have a decent idea. But remember one thing that a good idea which you can imagine can’t be successful always. Because execution of an idea is more important than its imaginary image.

Video games are considered the most difficult field in software development because their development includes all the aspects of this field. The product has to be developed in the programming as well as graphics too. So it involves expertises of all the aspects of this field hence you should focus only on one aspect and start practising it if you want to break in this field.

Gaming is also an interesting hobby. One can play the games all day without getting bored. There is a large variety of games available in the market. Choosing one of them is seriously a difficult task but one can check the reviews of players before buying a game. Reviews help a lot in choosing a game.

Let’s analyse a game that got many positive reviews and was regarded as one of the most successful game. The game also received some awards. I am discussing the game “monument valley”.

The game was developed by an indie game studio “Ustwo”. The graphics of the game are heavily inspired by the Japanese arts and were drawn on the paper by company artist. In this game, there is a character “Ida” the princess, you have to lead her through the path way where there are optical illusions. The game basically belongs to the genre of puzzles. One has to manipulate the world around her to lead her through the maze. There are many puzzles in the way and there are many optical illusions in the pathway.

One has to lead the princess through these mazes to complete the missions. The game received a lot of positive reviews and was considered as one of the best game of the time. The game is also a recipient of several awards. The game was first released for iOS smartphones. And after its success, the game was again released for android and windows smart phones. The game is a recipient of Apple design award. And sold over 26 million copies. This is a huge success or a game of this level. The character and the graphics of the game are basically based on the drawings of the company artist Ken Wong. One can clearly observe the graphics are inspired by Japanese style.The players appreciated the art and sound of this game but criticised it for its lack of difficulty and not having many missions

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