Enjoy Any Moroccan City


If we know a touristic city always has something to offer, whether if it is a big park, great beaches or great architecture, any touristic city always has something to offer. The thing I that some countries only have touristic cities and the other cities are not too important, that is why we see many people in just one city and the other cities are isolated. Of course, who would want to stay in a city that has not interesting places or nice people? No one. The thing is that you need to find what makes a great city and sometimes you just need to know what kind of activities you need to do in order to enjoy all cities.

If you are in Morocco, you may know that some cities are more interesting than another, of course there are popular cities and other cities that are not popular at all, so if you are wondering what kind of activities you can do to take the best of all cities you definitely need to keep reading the article and follow some advice.


One of the best thing – we really enjoy is shopping. Not only women buy things but men also do it, so a great activity in Morocco is going to the Medinas. The big cities tend to have big Medinas in which you easily get lost and find anything you are looking for – added to the desperate sellers that sometimes bother you to make you buy something so this place is quite popular for all people. In smaller cities sometimes you can also find Medina which are smaller, in even smaller cities you will find something like open air markets or small shops in which you will find only the basic things – unless you are in the market day or market week so this is basically an activity you can enjoy in any Moroccan city. If you do the tour to Morocco you may not have enough time to discover all shops but you can still go to the Medina.

The mosque are religious places that are really important for Moroccan and tourists feel curious about them, you cannot visit these places but you can still admire them from the outside. If you are in a small city you can admire and show respect from these places in which people pray and go weekly, if you are in a bigger city the architecture will be more extravagant and actually those places here tend to be touristic and tend to allow foreigners – non Muslims so you can come inside and admire this beautiful and emblematic place. All people coming to Morocco visit the mosques so you should do it too.

Going to parks is another great activity you can enjoy if you are in Morocco. Some cities have big beautiful parks that are really famous and crowded, another cities have smaller parks that are still clean and it is a great thing to do to a picnic here. Wherever you are you can still find local people here and children running around the place. You can take some coffee or drink a mint tea here, I can assure you it will be a relaxing experience for you.

As you can see, sometimes it is not being on the bigger cities and enjoying all the famous places, there are things that you can do in any Moroccan city that you can enjoy as much as you will enjoy them in a big city. Maybe you may be thinking that you can do this at home but I can tell you it will not be the same.

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