Changing Bearings in a Nitro Motor

Like any other motor engine, it’s natural to have their bearings replaced. Once a noise or some scratching in the wheels or engines of your RC vehicle happens, that’s the best time to change their bearings. Having poor bearings in the vehicle may lead to poor performance or even accidents.


Here are some steps in changing the bearings inside the nitro motor of your RC Heli:

1. Take Out the Engine

To change the bearings of your RC vehicle, take the nitro motor out. It’s best to remove the bearings when the motor is away from the other parts so as to not risk breaking them in the process.

2. Set-up Your Freezer and Oven

In order to take the bearings out of the motor, you must bake the engine case in the oven for 10-15 minutes. So it’s best to start heating the oven that you’ll be using while you take apart the motor.

3. Remove Anything Before Heating

While the oven is heating up for later, start removing anything that is mounted on the crank. This includes the back plate, the head, the fan, and the clutch. Once those things are out, it’s time for the liner to go. Use a small zip tie and place it to the exhaust part of the motor to remove it. Turn the crank over in order to raise the piston, making the liner pop up easily.


After the liner, the piston is the next one to go. Slide the piston from the crank, make sure it comes out of the top. Once the piston is removed, it’s easier to slide the crank out the back.

4. Place the Engine in the Oven

Once everything has been removed, you’re only left with the engine with the bearings inside. This is where the oven comes into play. Place the engine case on a cooking sheet before placing them in the oven for 10-15 minutes. The heat will make the metal expand, allowing the bearing to easily be removed without any problems.

5. Take Out the Bearings

Get the new larger bearing and slide it onto the crank. Place the crank with the large bearing on it and the small bearing in the freezer. Once the 15 minutes is up, it’s time to remove the case from the over. Use an oven mitten so that you will not burn yourself.


The large bearing can be removed once you smack the case onto the counter. Continue to do so until the bearing detaches from the inside and falls down on the counter. Next is to remove the small bearing with a nut driver or anything that fits the diameter of the bearing. Gently tap the bearing until it falls off. If it proves to be a problem, you can use a rubber mallet.

6. Install the Bearings

Now we’re ready to install the new bearings! The small bearing should slide right into place in the engine. For the large bearing, slide the crank in as usual. The large bearing is frozen on the crank so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. The larger bearing should slide right into place with an audible sound.

7. Assemble Everything Back

It is pretty straight forward. Put everything back where it should be. Make sure that the side of the connecting rod with a chamfer goes first on the crank pin. The next thing you’ll be worrying is how to get the piston back to the liner. Make sure to align the ring properly and roll the liner over the piston to compress the ring.


And there you have it! Make sure to check out Bearings Direct for more of your bearing needs!

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