English Lessons for Children


The best time for children to learn English is as early as possible. Along with our anecdotal experience of babies effortlessly becoming bi or tri-lingual, neurology has proven that the brain’s neuroplasticity, or raw learning ability, steadily declines after toddlerhood.

What ways can you teach your child English?

These early days are the most fantastic opportunities to learn skills for a lifetime, and form a child’s positive or negative impressions of education as a whole. Whereas the old educational system only offered local neighborhood teachers, the internet has created a buyer’s market–specifically for Skype English lessons.

You can now find native English speaking teachers that recognize this crucial period in your child’s development. Learning English by actually talking to a native English speaker is really the only way to develop the skill set. Learn by doing. Just like you can only learn how to ride a bicycle by actually riding it, learning English is the same thing.

The Benefit of Learning on the Internet


And now the internet has given parents the opportunity to save costs on their childrends English lessons, while also granting them flexibility. An internet education offers flexibility. From the comfort and safety of your home, you can do one on one tutoring that conforms to your busy schedule, and offers lesson plans suited to style and pace your child needs.


With webcams, screen sharing, and interactive modules, technology has dissolved any former downsides to remate education, while creating formerly unexpected upsides.


To learn English is to plug into the de facto global language. Via the former British Empire and United State’s influences, all the world’s major universities, media outlets, and business transactions take place in English.


An estimated 55% of all internet content is in English (with Russian trailing in a distant second at 6%). What greater access can you give your child besides fluency to this world?
How can you teach your children English at home?

First step is to establish a routine that your child can get used to. Do not over do it though. Childrens’ attention spans are smaller than adults. Children under 5 years old will not be able to pay attention for longer than 15 minute stints.

Try and break down the lessons into small manageable chunks. Your child will feel more comfortable if they are confident in what to expect so try and explain to them why they are taking lessons. Yes, they are young, but they are able to understand if you give them a chance to learn.

English Grammar

Do not get too caught up trying to teach young children grammer. The explicit grammar rules are not important at young ages below 5. It is more effective to get them acclimated to verbal English understanding and being able to piece together phrases, idioms, and connotations.


Even if your child is young, they can still learn English. It doesn’t matter if you are not living in an English speaking country. You can still teach them by hiring an English teacher online or by taking your child to a nursery that integrates English lessons into the program.

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