Top 4 Beaches in the World

Imagine you are strolling along a white sandy beach, your toes feeling the warmth of sand. And, the sunshine is sparkling off the whitecaps on the crystal blue as you splash the sea. Sound exciting! Isn’t it? This is what beaches bring to any holiday trip. Therefore, no vacation is impeccable without an afternoon relaxing along the sea cost.

Here is a list of world’s top four beaches-

  1. The Surfers Paradise Beach in Australia


The Surfers Paradise Beach is number one in this list of top beaches because of the selection of activities for both young and old. This beach is charming and gorgeous; the water is transparent and inviting, and a ton of things to do on this gold coast. Here you can get pleasure from fishing; surfing, snorkeling, and you can even attempt bungee jumping. There are also plenty of theme parks nearby like the Music world and the sea world.

Don’t return to your hotel rooms in the evening, if you don’t want to miss the nightlife. Game of jack at a casino, alluring cocktails, regional dance, and scrumptious dishes, when the sun sets the thrill begins.

  1. The Paradise Island in the Bahamas

The paradise island is small, only 5 square miles, but it is a heaven for the beach lovers. Besides the sand, sun’s heat, bluish water, there is lot to do in this part of the world.  Take time to appreciate the local cuisines, shop along the quaint streets, or show your daring side by trying the 100-foot water underwater adventure to observe the biggest creature on earth, sharks!

  1. Tropez, France


Most of you must be thinking of Hollywood when you heard about St. Tropez, France. However, there are many beaches in St Tropez that have playgrounds for children and snacks outlets to pamper the taste buds of their tourists. If you don’t like the hassle and bustle of families around you, then evade visiting these beaches in summers as there are hordes of tourist in the beach and the shops around. June and September are two ideal months to take your family to the beach, in these months you can enjoy the warm climate and also avoid the masses.

  1. Trunk Bay in the Virgin Island

The Trunk Bay is probably the world’s least know beach, but it is one of the best-kept treasure of the Virgin Island. With coral off reefs, it is a place for the explorers.  At this venue you can take some underwater photographs with the help snorkeling equipment available on rent, go hiking to see old sugar plantation and discover the history of St John.

Are you’re ready to take your family to one of these beaches, the approaching summer? Money pushing you back! No worries make use of the greatest invention of technology, the internet, search the it to find best tourist destinations, and book your flight tickets online to snatch best travel discount deals via travel coupons.

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