Are Apples Good For Dogs?



Dogs are the best buddy and your life long partner. You cannot live without him. Not just only for his loyalty but for characteristics that make this animal best to live with human beings. Most of the people cannot think to live without their four leg friend. Because of so much love and closeness with him we pay attention more attention when it times to decide about his eating plan. We do not want to give our lovable pet any dangerous thing to eat that is not healthy for him. So to keep this thing in mind, we always add healthy food to his eating list. Sometimes we stuck at the questions that are apples good for dogs or not. Let’s explore the answer to this question from dog owners and expert’s opinion. We will start from the dog’s owner opinion.

Dog Owners Opinion About Are Apples Good For Dogs?

According to the dog owners, dogs can eat apple under some precautionary measures. This is because they experience that dogs face problem of sickness after its consumption. The reason behind their illnesses is a larger amount of apple disturbs the metabolism and digestive system of the dog. Apparently, we can say that dog can eat few chunks of apple but these few chunks sometimes cause severe problems of diarrhea. The reason behind diarrhea is the stem and seeds of apple that contain carcinogenic glycosides. It is impossible for the dog stomach to break this compound into little pieces, the result of this deficiency cause health problems including diarrhea and other severe diseases. That’s why dog owners suggest you can give him apple but under some precautionary measures.

Experts Opinion About Are Apples Good For Dogs

Now it’s time to check the expert’s opinions about the question are apples good for dogs? Experts give their opinion under the light of authentic research. Apples contain vitamin K, vitamin C that will help your dog to give enough energy level. This energy level will further help your dog to take actively part of the difficult task. If you take a small size of apple for your dog, then it will contain 50-55 calories that are enough to give a suitable amount of energy. In the market, there is two types of apples are available, one is called hydrated other is called dehydrated. You can choose anyone of them according to the supply of this apple. But remember excessiveness of anything is dangerous for your dog health. So, don’t give him apple more than one because one apple is enough to get the energy level that requires for your dog.

Take Help through the Internet

You can also take help through the internet, you will find many blogs, website that gives the detail information about those fruits that are not suitable for dogs to eat. You can add these fruits to your lists and give your dog for healthy purposes. It’s your duty to collect data from those sources that are reliable and famous in giving authentic information.

Hope so, now you are clear about the questions that are apples good for dogs?


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